How is robotics used in daily life?

Robots are necessary factors in our lives today. We use them every day from cooking food, chores, buying products and playing games.
Robots are everywhere. Remote-control cars, drones, planes and other modern toys have common forms of robotics which allow you to control the movement of the robots in real-time. Robotics also takes its form in a less obvious way, like in vending machines and automatic doors where they use different types of sensors to detect what buttons being pressed or sense if someone is in front of the doors.

Why are robotics and coding important?

As technologies become increasingly prevalent in future, understanding coding and the components of coding is very important for students’ success. Robotics is a fun, effective and powerful way to learn about coding. Programming robots helps students to improve their logic skills, algorithms application, problem-solving and hands-on application skills. Since the robots show the result of coding visually, students find it easier and more effective to solve the problem by using their logic and applying algorithms (sequence of steps followed by an order in coding).

Coding helps students to explain their logic and use it to code. Coding requires making choices. For example, what is the best command block to use in a certain condition, the best order of events and the finest structure of the code? Through these decisions, students learn to support their choices and explain the code to others.

Preparing for future jobs

As technologies become a more important part of our lives, the number of jobs using code and robotics will increase. Many jobs in different fields will be made easier by implementing coding and robotics. We’ve already seen many of the jobs that used to exist in the past that are taken by technologies such as film projectionist. A film projectionist was needed to run a mechanical projector back in the past. But now, we have digital projectors that are easy and simple to use. As a result, the role of the film projectionist diminished. Like this, in future, there will be a lot of jobs assisted or replaced by coding and robotics. We’ve already seen it happen in different fields: transports, services, media, house-holds and entertainment. So why not prepare for the upcoming changes in the future?

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