What is Coding?


Coding is a tool for mathematics. Through learning fun coding, kids will learn how mathematics is closely related to coding. It is also a tool that helps improve logical thinking skills, guiding kids to reach out to different areas successfully. Coding is demanded and required. At the same time, learning to code will advantage and benefit your kids in future.


Using Scratch Projects, kids improve:

  • Problem-solving (Debugging)
  • Logical and Critical thinking skills
  • Coding simulations of what happens in everyday life

naturally while having the interests to learn and enjoy our programs.

Mobile App Coding (MIT App Inventor 2)

MIT’s (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Media Lap has made a programming tool called App Inventor 2 (AI2) to make an application for mobile phones. This program allows kids to:

  • Understand the concept of coding
  • Code sensors such as Gyro, Orientation, Pressure, Temperature and Humidity etc.

Kids get to build their mobile application that is used in our daily life. For example, map (GPS), games, video/music player etc. Using a drag and drop system similar to Scratch, kids can approach using AI2 easily.

VR (Virtual Reality) Coding

Program their virtual world. Kids are fascinated by the 3-D structural design and coding. They will be exposed to a glimpse of the Fourth Industrial Revolution through the processes of building the VR contents. By encountering and understanding the VR coding, they get to experience the importance of technologies.

Variety of materials (Scratch, MIT AI2, VR Coding, Makey Makey, COCONUT, MRT-Duino, Blacksmith and etc.) are used for kids to start learning CODING.

  • Observe for kids’ weaknesses and develop their skills.
  • Learn how to communicate and collaborate in groups.
  • Many hands-on simulations for kids to solve the problems.
  • Learn how to think logically and creatively.
  • Boost kids' critical thinking skills, confidence.
  • Learn firm understandings of the fundamental knowledge of STEM.
  • Allow kids to upgrade/design their robots to explore how different parts work.
  • Provide the environment for the kids to join with groups of kids and build up their relationships.

Scratch Tutorial

Scratch tutorial will allow children to learn the basics of coding. How to use command blocks and what their functions are.

Check out the video below:

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