Who Are We?


We provide kids with opportunities to learn Coding and Robotics in an innovative and creative environment. Kids will fire up their passion, creativity and critical thinking skills through our programs. Kids are encouraged and motivated to boost their confidence while learning Code, Debug (Trouble Shoot) skills, how to use different methods to approach problems/errors and building robots to code. Kids will advance forward in designing their own dreams by practising these components.

Not only we provide a great environment for educations, but kids will also improve their abilities to express their ideas, analysing issues than solving the problems, working individually and in groups. These skills are primarily required especially in the near future because the world is and continually controlled by technologies. The jobs we see now will be replaced by machines and more variety of jobs will be opened in IT markets (More Info-link to “Scratch Coding”). We recommend your kids to learn these skills while they are young before it’s too late.


International Youth Robot Competition (IYRC) National was held in Australia in late August 2018 for the first time in history. Students from different centres in Australia have competed in 4 areas of robotics:

  • Robot Soccer
  • Robot Bowling
  • Robot Volleyball
  • Robot Sumo

Over 10 kids from Hornsby Robot Class have participated in this competition. Our students have achieved:

Gold Prize in Robot Soccer and Robot Bowling

Silver Prize in Robot Soccer and Robot Bowling

Bronze Prize in Robot Soccer and Robot Bowling

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